Publishing Policy

These are the policies for the articles submitted by external writers:

1. All the received works will be reviewed before publishing them. This is to avoid problems with copyrights, not original content or other problems. If the article is rejected, we'll let you know by email.

2. The articles from external writers are property of the writers. The name of the author will be published in each article, with a link to his/her website (if applies) and a little profile description.

3. The topics for the articles should be focused on:

  • Programming
  • Software quality assurance
  • Relevant news about programming, software quality assurance and related topics
4. The articles should be written in a correct English, easy to read and understand.

5. The article must be written in a .docx file with images when they are needed.

6. All images must be in .jpg format.

7. The names of the images must have a descriptive name with this format: this_is_an_image.jpg

8. All the files (the document and the images) must be compressed in a .zip file (you need to send only the .zip file).
9. You can send your articles to, with the subject: Testools external article.

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