Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How CodeIgniter Framework is The Future of Web Applications?

An open-source, PHP is the most preferred scripting language by the developers, mainly because of its simplicity. PHP framework includes top-grade coding practice and a standard development procedure which not only organizes the process but secures the product as well. A developer chooses one of the various PHP frameworks available as per the market trends and CodeIgniter is one such PHP framework. Let’s have a look at some of the aspects of choosing CodeIgniter development services for the development of web applications.

Why Choose CodeIgniter For Web Applications Development?

  • MVC Architecture: CodeIgniter framework follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) based approach for the development of website design. MVC is a web design architecture which is used during the development process of a website. There are 3 sections of the design framework that lead to the implementation of customization without any glitches.
  • Model - It forms the base layer and is responsible for the maintenance of data.
  • View - Here, the data gets forwarded to the user.
  • Controller - The controller keeps the above levels connected and on the same page.
  • Form Validation: This feature plays a significant role in the development of web applications. It allows to collect and file data in the right format. Furthermore, it also makes the developer’s job much more simpler as well as smooth. With CodeIgniter, custom validation becomes easy. Besides this, it also offers a number of figures of inbuilt form validations presenting it non-reliable on scripts. 
  • Inbuilt Security Tools: Excluding slashes during the recovery of data from the database is an extensive acceptance in CodeIgniter development services. The inbuilt security tools allows to view these patches in default settings. When a query is entered into, the database issues get resolved by these default settings by turning off the runtime directives of the magic quotes. With such kind of productive features, CodeIgniter development company find it simple and easy to continue with the development process of web applications.
  • Error Handling: Accessing error reports in the development phase becomes easier for developers with CodeIgniter. Though, the framework’s feature also supports saving the debugging messages as text files by providing instructions to the error-logging class. The framework’s this feature serves as a great advantage for the developers.
  • Database Caching Class: Below are some of the steps to explain cache. In order to minimize the database load, one must cache the queries as text files.
  • Develop a writable directory on the server where cached files are saved and stored.
  • There is a route to the cache folder which is a path set in the application/config/database.php file
  • One can enable the caching feature globally or manually by selecting in application/config/database.php file
Businesses can benefit from the cutting-edge web applications built with the help of CodeIgniter as it has a simple integration feature which makes it the most preferred web framework for the developers.


Hope the above discussion gave you enough insight into the various amazing features of the CodeIgniter framework. If you are also looking out to hire PHP developers for your project, then you can reach out to us via email. Our team will respond to your query as soon as possible. Till then, happy reading...

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Author: Puneet Singh Raghav, Digital Marketing Specialist

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