Tuesday, October 22, 2019

4 significant things to look out for in a VPN service

You have been contemplating using a VPN for quite a while, but you still are not sure what to look out for when shopping for one. For one, you know that a free VPN is not even an option as the catch for free service is the sale of your data. Every service out there promises the world, but can they deliver? Here are some of the critical items you should factor in before making your decision:


Speed is evident since nobody wants to be stuck with a slow connection. Various factors affect the speed and stability of a VPN, but either way, look for a service that gives you different options. Different configuration options for varying purposes will ensure you always have flexible speed options. This largely depends on what you are using the VPN for, whether peer-to-peer activities or live streaming.


While speed is a factor, safety should also be a priority. It does not make sense to have a lightning-fast connection without security. Ensure the service uses protection mechanisms like IP hiding and kill switches. For example, security just got better! ExpressVPN and HP have teamed up to give you the new HP Spectre x360 13, which comes with a pre-installed and secure VPN.
HP clients will get a free 30-day trial period, which enables them to gain access to all Express VPN apps. The new Spectre x360 13 comes with a kill switch that switches off your webcam when not in use, a mute mic with LED key for switching on and off and an optional privacy screen. You can log in with your fingerprint, ensuring nobody can access your data; you can manage passwords with Lastpass, plus of course the pre-installed Express VPN. How cool is that?
ExpressVPN also uses TrustedServer technology, which means the VPN servers run on volatile memory (RAM) and not hard drive. RAM needs electrical power to store information, which means the data is wiped off every time the server is switched off.
ExpressVPN has four major strategies when it comes to security:
       Ensure a system is very complex and can’t be compromised easily
       Mitigate the damage if it happens
       Minimize the period the system stays compromised
       Check the validity of these strategies by asking a qualified person from outside the company to test them.


A VPN that is limited in its reach does not do you any justice. If you intend to use the VPN to access blocked content in your current location, you can check for a VPN with availability by country. This is especially useful if you travel regularly. A high-quality VPN ensures you are connected to your services back in your home country, no matter where you are on the globe.

Great encryption

Encryption is perhaps the most critical aspect of a VPN. Data is valuable, and a great VPN will ensure your information is secure. With ExpressVPN’s 256-bit encryption, there is no way that network operators, ISPs, or the government can pry into your business. Even better, hackers on the same free public Wi-Fi hotspot will not be able to intercept your traffic to steal passwords, private photos, emails, etc.


According to a survey by GlobalWorldIndex, the demand for private use VPNs is expanding at an impressive rate. GlobalWebIndex found that 30% of the world’s internet users have made use of VPNs in the past 30 days. The VPN market is predicted to expand by at least 50% from an average of $23.6 billion this year to almost $36 billion in the next four years.
As mentioned earlier, free VPNs are not an option. ExpressVPN has made getting quality VPN much more accessible. HP is dedicated to creating lasting solutions in every industry, from health, education, and retail. Price in getting a VPN should be a factor. Look at what you are getting from the service, vis a vis its charges. As most major technology brands recognize the need for quality digital security, it will cease to be a matter of price, but the quality of service provided.

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