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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How to recover recently deleted videos from my CF Card

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!My wife is going to kill me, I deleted my wedding videos by mistake!

She told me to store the information in the cloud, by I forgot to do it. She is going to kill me:

There is no recycle bin in the memory card. I reviewed all the instructions and there is no way to recover deleted photos.

After Googling a lot, I found a pretty nice software that I think it can save my life and my marriage.

The name of this software is CFCARDRECOVERY:

The URL is the following:

You can download a version for Windows or Mac. You will need a machine with any of these operative systems. This software can be installed in multiple languages:

The installer is small. It takes 3.8 MB and the installation is a simple wizard:

By default, it is installed in the Program Files, but you can chose the location:

You can select a folder or use a default folder that will be created during installation:

It is also possible to create a shorcut:

Once selected the options, press the Install button:
 You will be able to see the shortcut in desktop. Double click the shortcut:

The UI is pretty simple. You have options to scan the files to recover:

It can recover, pdf files, word files, outlook files, rar, files, images and videos:

You can recover 3GPP Videos, 3GPP2, AVI, MP4, MPEG, Quick Time, SONY AVCHD, ASF, WMV files, RealVideo and more:

The software is available in multiple languages like English, Spanish, Czech, German, Rusian, Swedish and more:
In order to start, use your CF Card:

 Insert your CF Memory Card in your computer:

Select your drive with the CF Card Memory, Search for Video and press Start Scan:

After some minutes, you will be able to see the videos:

In options, you can see or change the path of the recovered files:

If you go to the path defined in options, you will be able to see the videos:

The software will detect the video and you will be able to recover the information. In my case, my wife never noticed that I deleted my wedding videos by mistake and I lived hapily ever after.

If you have a camera, an iPhone, Android with a memory card, it is now possible to recover the information using CFCardRecovery
This tool is very simple to install and use and you can recover multiple file types with few clicks.