Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Recover Deleted Video from an USB drive


When your device is full, you usually need to delete the old videos, images and sometimes, we delete by mistake important familiar or personal photos or videos.

Is there a way to recover the information from an USB drive?

Fortunately, yes. There is an advanced software named Flash Memory Recovery that you can download from the following site:

This software recognizes different manufacturers of cameras like Nikon, Canon, Agfa, Fuji, JVC, Kodak and many other manufacturers. You can also choose the option generic if your camera is not on the list.

The software is a Windows software and it is very simple and intuitive. For Mac, there is a
USB Flash Recovery for Mac.The installer has 7 MB and it is very simple to install (Just some few next, next and next).

You can easily recover videos, photos, music or other file types.


  • This software is currently supported on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP according to the web site. I also tested on my Windows Server 2012 and it worked fine.
  • The USB Flash Recovery installed.
  • An USB Drive with a Video.

Getting started
In this demo, I will show a video, delete it and show how to recover it using the tool. I am assuming that Flash Memory Recover is already installed.

Step 1

In the USB Drive, delete a video:

Step 2
Open 321Soft Flash Memory Recovery to recover the video:

Step 3
Specify the licence or run the demo version. The license costs 49.95 USD:

Step 4
 A welcome wizard with a description will be displayed:
Step 5
Next, choose the File Type and your device manufacturer. In this example, we will choose a Video to recover and the All Devices option in manufacturer, This software supports Sony, Nikon, Canon and many other manufacturers. You can recover images, music, videos or other file types:

Step 6
Select the drive with the video deleted. In this example the drive E:\, is the drive with the file that we want to recover:

Step 7
You can check the options and you can choose the destination folder by pressing the Change icon. In this example, the data recovered will be on the c:\backup folder:

Step 8
In this step, will scan the USB Drive and recover the information. The video name is not recovered, but the extension, duration and size is displayed. Select the file to recover.

Step 9
Finally, you will save the video that you will be able to see the video in the folder specified:

As you can see, Flash Memory Recovery is very simple to install and use. In this article, we learned how to recover a video from an USB Drive, but it is possible to recover many other file types from different types of flash memories.

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