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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Major Mobile Design Mistakes Most Commonly Done

In the ever-changing mobile app market scenario, it is becomes very difficult to hold your position, especially when trends vary each day and impact the usability and significance of your mobile app. The situation becomes worst when your app comes across any flaw in terms of design because a recent study revealed that mere 20 percent of users return to their downloaded apps while only 3 percent of apps are used on a monthly basis. Although, a superbly designed logo grabs the attention; however, users generally focus on the features, functionality and benefits provided by an app rather than by mere its logo. They find those app icons cool which conveys the message in a distinct but suitable way. Of course, its connection with the brand should also be articulated well. Despite understanding these little but vital aspects, many designers fail to display while executing things.

The common mistakes range from failing to maintain steadiness throughout the lifespan of an app, to fascinate users in the first place. How it is possible to design an app with intuitive simplicity, with no repetition and disinterest. Is it possible that an offers fetching details without losing view of a greater motive? It is very sad but true that most apps come into existence and reach to an end in the very first few apps, therefore, we have compiled a list of common but vital mistakes that designers can avoid.

A Very Ordinary First Impression

What are the most crucial parts of getting a potential user engaged-the first user of an app and the first day with an app. The first impression is so crucial that it could be an umbrella point for the rest of this top ten. If anything undesirable takes place, looks confusing or disinteresting, it is for user that the potential users will lose interest right of the bat. Although, it is very tricky to deal with the right balance for them so called ‘first impression’ and it is possible that an extended on-boarding or a process to explore essential features can beget disinterest in users. Still, we believe that an instantly stimulating app may eliminate the need for an actual tutorial, and increase confusion.
  • Unsuitable On-boarding 
On-boarding is a vital process and followed by some sequences which introduce your app to the users. This is one of the ways to get a users instantly oriented. This is also a process that falls in-between the way of your users and their content.
  • Have the Intro Animation Easy
To dazzle new users, many times designers go for highly exotic intro animations. Remember, if your app serves a daily function then this will arise no interest in users.

Creating an App without Any Goal

Going for designing and development of an app without any succinct intention leads to nowhere. People often get an app developed to follow trends rather than finding out solutions for a problem, fill a niche or give an extraordinary service. All of the above, you must contemplate over the key question-What is the ambition for the app? In the situation when you cannot answer this question, the sense of purpose will affect every step of a project.

Omitting UX Design Mapping

Designers, most often, miss out a thoughtful planning of an app’s UX architecture before targeting the design work. Moreover, before having a wireframing stage established, the structure and flow of an app should be mapped out. Creating aesthetics and details can prove to be dangerous for designers. Also, they end up under appreciate UX.

No Budget Setting Up

Once the basis of your app is sketched, start thinking about the budget of the app development. If you keep delaying it, it will not respond to economic restraints. Not setting a budget may also make you start cutting vital features once you reach to the end of the project.

Awful Color Choice

To have an awesome app design, opting for an appropriate color plays a crucial role. There are a number of factors needs to be taken care of while building an app and giving the perfect color to allure your users is one of them. To fill your app with a perfect color is vital because each color has a unique psychological response on individuals. For instance, red is considered the color of love and blue represents trust.

Missing a Prototype

Introducing your app with a prototype or a beta version is of highly importance. It helps you to get feedback from users which extremely important before you make it live. A number of flaws can be diagnosed and provided the best remedy before its gets live. Having a prototype launched not only helps in the identification of mistakes in the design or functions of the app, but it also allows audiences like or dislike the app, especially the app target audience.

Introducing Your App in the Market without a Plan

At present, a number of app developers have a hurry to bring their apps in the market as quickly as possible. Due to this, many of them do not have a marketing strategy and fail to produce revenue from their apps. You must check where exactly you can promote/advertise your app before launching it so that it gets acknowledged by the targeted audience. One of the instances can be, if you also have a website linked with the same you are going to release, or a website for your company, it is easy for you to display information about your new app on your website.

Handling an App Like a Website

A number of apps are simply a smaller version of their website; therefore, they give the same experience the way they have been giving so far through the website. However, using a mobile app is completely a different experience and it gives new opportunities for users. Usually, the amount of information showed on the desktop detailed. On the other hand, information provided on smartphones is concise and delivers mere key points.

Tips to Avoid Such Mistakes

To eliminate the poor first impression, you can look for the balance between an app that is instantly intuitive, but also provides the users some engaging and exciting features quickly. As far as the purpose of designing an app is concerned, your design and development team must be aware of the goal of the activity. To avoid having a UX design mapping missed out, you can sketch out the flow of the app first before getting worried too much about the finer brush strokes. Setting the perfect amount of contrast is of high significance. Choosing a perfect color that connects well with the app’s goal can be influential for the app. Never forget that when users visit your app they are experiencing it for the first time; therefore, it becomes vital to keep it flawless as well as captivating.


As a skilled designer, you must ensure that your idea must be based on an in-depth research and it has to be crisp as far as its design is concerned. Avoiding the aforementioned common app mistakes can boost the chances of getting your app developed within the given timeframe. It can also help you raise your revenue and get you advertise your app properly.

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Arun Goyal is Founder-CEO at Octal Info Solution Technology innovation and trends insight come easy to Arun with his thorough knowledge in the domain. A leader in his own rights, his grad-friends see him as an avid researcher and a technology evangelist. See him talking about ideas, trends and technology as a part-time author to this blog. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and go through his ideas on distinct topics.