Monday, December 8, 2014

Tip: How to solve the problem "VMware Workstation cannot create ~/.vmware directory"

vmWare Ubuntu
When I installed VMware Workstation 10 in my Ubuntu 14.04 (you can check some old instructions here, they still work) I had a problem. Whenever I started VMware, I noticed that the machines I had and all the preferences were gone, and a message warned me: VMware Workstation cannot create ~/.vmware directory. That's the directory where VMware stores all data related to preferences. For example, if you hide the toolbar, next time you'll see that it is displayed again, since VMware couldn't save those settings.

The solution for this is very simple. Just run this in a terminal:

sudo chown -R username:username ~/.vmware

For example:

sudo chown -R john:john ~/.vmware

This problem is caused because the ~/.vmware folder is owned by the root user. If you just follow the default instructions to install VMware you'll stumble upon this problem. The command just changes the ownership to your user, and that's it. I hope this little tip is useful!

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