Friday, December 19, 2014

Send secret messages with

Some time ago I wrote a short anonymity guide in Internet. I didn't know back then, but I would have included in that article. It's such a simple idea that when you hear about it, you think "why I didn't thought about it before??".

The service, as I said, is very simple. You can use it following these steps:

1. Go to
Qlink main page

2. Write a secret message (you can also attach a file and include your IP, although I don't think that's a good idea).
3. Click 'qlink it!'
4. A link will be generated, and now you can send it through email or other mediums.
Qlink generated
5. The link can be accessed only once. It expires after that (for example, try this link. It's broken)
Expired message
As you can see, it can't get much simpler than this. This is one of those moments when you realize that you had this necessity, but you couldn't formulate it coherently. Well, these guys could.

I think this is great news, but take into account that this service is still in the Beta phase. However, I like it because it does not rely on passwords. It's not like sending a .zip file with a password, since someone could get a copy of it and ultimately unencryp it. Here, you know that nobody saw the link until you click it. Apart of that, there are no traces of where the link was created.

Maybe the only part I don't like is the name. It's clear that the creators of the app wanted to give it a name that follows all the rules of marketing, but the '.it' does not deliver a clear message. When I think about it, it's just 'Qlink', without the '.it'. But that's just a detail.

I recommend to check the details of the service here. I think this has a future. Next time I'll review the Android app that they already have in Google Play.

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