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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MT.Gox: A big blow to bitcoin

I've been a fan of Bitcoin since I first knew about the concept. I was trying to navigate anonymously with TOR, and I noticed that many hidden services charged with Bitcoins, so I made some research about it. I think the concept is brilliant: it's pure economics. The concept behind Bitcoins is very intresting, and you can read about it here. However, this system is starting yet. There's just a limited quantity of people accepting it as a currency. This situation creates a big volatility for the price of Bitcoins. Of course, this is not always bad. The Bitcoin price reached its top at $1242, and it was the best investment option in 2013 according to Forbes, but given the number of participants in the market and the limited use of this virtual currency, this price is very volatile. Any major action in the market can affect the Bitcoin price, and the latest event  has been one of the worst hits on this market. I'm talking about the MT.Gox shutdown.

For those who are not familiarized with this, MT.Gox was the biggest Bitcoin market in internet. It was managing about $375 million  in Bitcoins when it went down. Long story short, this site was suffered a theft that lasted for years before they realized something was happening. I couldn't find any more details about this, but it's interesting to check the MT.gox official website:

This is only speculation, but I don't think MT.Gox will ever be up again. There are many shady things about this, and with the legal holes there is no chance for the investors to recover their money.

Now, the current price for a Bitcoin is $131.62. Many people is running away from Bitcoins because they think that this was a failure in the Bitcoin structure itself. In my opinion, Bitcoin is still experimental, but eventually it will be as safe as a normal currency. Remember that the regular money is also affected by the moves in the market and other events. Besides, there is a lot of examples of "real" money that lost all its value (check this). This should not mean the end of Bitcoin. This is only a case of bad use of money, and it happens in the real world and Internet, and it will keep happening, always.
Although caution is always advised when dealing with experimental currencies, I think Bitcoin deserves our support. Nowadays it's the best effort to make a entirely virtual currency without any central authority, and a great way to give people freedom. After all, Internet has proven to be a great place of refuge for freedom.

If you want to know more about Bitcoin, visit the official website here.
For some statistics, you can check this.

I'll acquire my first Bitcoin wallet as soon as I can!


A good article worth reading.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to expand a virtual disk in VMware workstation

What happens when there is not enough space in a virtual machine (VM) to install an application that we really need? You need to expand the size of the virtual disk, it is easy to do, and here are the steps:

Before doing that it’s important to remember the following facts: it is not possible to expand a virtual disk if it is related to a snapshot. Also, the virtual machine should not have any snapshot. The VM should be off.

Create a backup of your disk, edit partitions that could be the potential cause of loss of data.
In our example, there is a disk with 30 GB in size, so it will be expanded to 40 GB.
First, from Workstation, go to Edit settings and select the virtual disk that you need to expand. From Utilities select the “Expand…” option.
Then set the new size of the disk and click on Expand. Note: You can’t decrease the size of the original disk.
After that, you need a tool to manage a disk, in order to resize and expand the partitions on the disk. You can use one of the following tools:

GParted is a friendly UI tool that you can use, it is so simple to use and intuitive. For this example this tool would be used.

You can download the iso from this page. After that mount the iso on the VM.
All the partitions would be displayed in the UI, so you should select the one that you need to expand. In this example only one partition will be expanded.
Right click on the partition and select Resize/Move option.
Then set the new size of the disk and click on Resize/Move.
After the operation was completed successfully restart the VM. Now, verify that the disk has the new size.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Smartphones are getting smarter every day.

You can now turn the lights on and off at home, record your class, take a picture of the blackboard, have your satellite coordinates.

Now, with this Android App, you can control your Devices like the TV, the Blu-ray, the iPod, projectors from your SmartPhone.

Now you don't need to have multiple controls for each device. Just use your smartphone to control them all!

The company name is: Tiger Color

You can download the App here:

The application name is Smart IR Remote. It is a cool and smart App that can control your TV, iPod, DVD, Universal, Blu-Ray. It doesn't matter which device model you have, Smart IR Remote is extremely smart and it works with thousand of models such as Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, LG, Daewoo and thousand of different models.

If it does not have the model in its list, it can be configured to detect your device configuration.

The following Youtube video shows what this cool application can do:

You can can create your own buttons of your preference:

You can also work with macros. With macros you can easily program different functions to different devices. For example to reduce the volume of the TV when you receive a call. 

It is not difficult at all to create your own macros. You do not need to be a programmer to do it!

The developer's web page is:

Try it!