Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New certification exam material for SQL Server Administration, Exam 70-462

Boson created a new exam for the exam 70-462 and you can downloat it here:

Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

This exam in the topics is similar than the exam 70-432 for SQL Server 2008.

The main features added to SQL Server 2012 are the high availability and the installation in a Windows Core.

It now supports filetables to handle not structured data in a more efficient way.

Boson includes a free test for free and a complete set of question per 49 $us. There are 3 test exams with 50 questions each one. The exam not only includes explanations for each question. It also includes valuable links and references to improve the SQL Server knowledge.

You will be able to simulate the exam and have an score. You can watch the answers and explanations after the simulation exam. You will be able to dowload for free the simulation exam or use the web to take the exam.

If you already took a SQL Server certification, this new one will not be hard. If you did not, it is required real life experience or at least a lot of books read.

The Microsoft Exam 70-462 contains the following sections:

  • Install and configure (19%)
  • Maintain instances and databases (17%)
  • Optimize and troubleshoot (14%)
  • Manage data (19%)
  • Implement security (18%)
  • Implement high availability (12%)

If you are a SQL Server Administrator, this exam is a must. Even if your company has an older Sql Server version, it is important to know the new feature to make sure you do not need the last one.

If you are a SQL Server Developer, this exam will be usefull to complement the Developer Skills with some features to optimize the server. 

If you are just a beginner in the SQL Server world, this exam will help you to develop your skills for SQL Server.

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