Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Virtual disks for Windows 8

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Now we're going to see how to create virtual disks in Windows 8. Yes, it's easy!

  • A Windows 8 machine.
You can test this with virtual machines if you want. You can use VMware Workstation.


1. In the Windows desktop, press Windows+R.
2. Type cmd and press Enter.
3. Type the following commands:

diskpart --> Press Enter. Press Yes in the "User Account Control" dialog.
create vdisk file= c:\[detination path] maximum [size of virtual disk in MB] type=expandable --> Press Enter. In my case, I typed:

create vdisk file= c:\testools.vhd maximum 10000 type=expandable

That command will create a virtual disk named "testools.vhd" located in the C drive, with a size of 10000 MB (almost 10 GB). 

Once you do that, you can check the virtual disk file in the destination file you selected. In my case, the Virtual disk is located in the C drive:

4. Initiate the disk. If you double clicked the created disk, you may have noticed that an error message is displayed:

This happens because the virtual disk must be initialized, just like a real disk. To do that:

4.1 Open the File Explorer:
4.2 Right click Computer>Manage
4.3 Expand Storage>Highlight Disk Management
4.4 Press OK in the "Initialize Disk" dialog.

5. Right click on the unallocated partition>New Simple Volume...

6. Complete the Wizard with Next, Next...and Finish.

Now, you can use the virtual disk. Take into account that you have to detach the disk first to erase the .vhd file (you can do it in Computer Management).

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