Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to solve I/O error in Snes 9x EX (snes emulator for iOS)

Yesterday I wanted to play Metroid 3 in my iPad.  When I tried to save the state, I noticed that an "I/O error" message was displayed in the low part of the screen and I wasn't able to save anything.  Here's a quick fix for that problem.  In this case, I'm using a PC with Windows.


WinSCP.  Download it here.

Obviously, an iPad, iPhone or iPod with Snes 9x.

The iDevice must be connected to the same wifi network than you computer.


1. Access the iDevice through SSH.  To do this:

1.1 In the iDevice, go to Settings>Wi-Fi.  In the connection you currently have, tap the > button:
1.2 Take note of the IP address:
1.3 Open WinSCP.  Press New and in Host name enter the iDevice IP.  In User name enter "root" an in Password enter "alpine".  Click Login.
2. Change the permissions in the roms folder.

2.1 Locate the folder where the games are.

2.2 Right click on it>Properties.  In Octal, enter 777.  You should to the same to sub folders if you have each game in a different folder.
That's it!!! Now you have your emulator ready again!

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