Friday, January 4, 2013

Create a Domain (Windows 2008)

Active Directory is a impressive solution that allows to manage large sets of computers, users, etc.  In order to make the most of these capabilities, it's essential  to have a domain created.  What I'm going to do with this article is showing how to set up a Domain, focused on working on VMware Workstation.


A Windows 2008 Machine installed.


1. Go to: Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center>Manage Network Connections.
2. Right click on Local Area Connection>Properties.

3. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4.  Set an static IP.  You could use this as an example:
4. Press Ok twice.

5. Go to All Programs>Administrative Tools>Server Manager

7. Click on Add Roles.
8. Click Next.

9. Select Active Directory Domain Services.
10. Click Next twice.

11. Click Install.

12. Wait until the installation is finished.
13. Click Close

14. Open the Command Prompt

15. Type dcpromo.exe and press Enter.  The Active Directory Services Installation Wizard will be opened.
16. Click Next.

17. Select Create a New Domain in a New Forest and click Next:
18. Write the name of a new domain.  For example: john.lab and click Next.

19. In Forest Functional Level you can leave the value by default.  That option is useful when you have members in the domain with older versions of Windows Server.  Just click Next twice.

20. Leave DNS Server checked and click Next.
21. Go to the Active Directory Installation Services Installation Wizard again and click Next.  If  warning comes up, press Yes.

22. Press Next.

23.  Set the password.  It has to be a combination between numbers and letter, like Control123.  Press Next.
24. Press Next.  Now just wait.
25. Press Finish and press Restart Now

27. Go to All Programs>Administrative Tools>Server Manager.
At last!!!!!!! In this case, I used Jorge.lab instead John.lab as the name for my domain.

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