Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Change proxy application for TOR (better downloads)

I have noticed that the large downloads with TOR tend to stop in the middle of the download.  I have researched for a while and found that this may have something to do with Polipo, the default proxy that the Tor Browser bundle comes with.  So, there a simple way to replace Polipo and have better chances of downloading files from TOR.  What we are going to use is Privoxy, an alternative to Polipo.


Tor installed.  Read about how to do it here.

Privoxy installer.  Download it here.

1. Install Prixoy.  Just double click the installer you just downloaded and click Next, Next, Next...a typical Windows installation.

2. Open Privoxy.  You probably will find it in "All Programs" if you're using Windows 7.  In Windows 8, you can find it in the Start screen
3. Once you open it, you'll see an empty window.  This is a little weird, but don't worry, Privoxy is already working.  Just minimize it.
4. Open TOR by double clicking "Start Tor Browser.exe".  Wait until it connects and then stop it.
5. With TOR stopped, go to Settings.  Uncheck "Start a proxy application when Tor starts".  Press Ok.

6. Start TOR again.

Now you are using TOR with Privoxy, which is better to download things when connected to TOR.  Have fun!

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