Sunday, January 20, 2013

20 Awesome free portable applications!!

I already wrote about one of these apps: MDBPlus, a database viewer, very useful and well done. I really liked it, so I want to share the rest of the software by the same author.  The main characteristic o the apps is that they are free, portable, and don't need to be installed.  They don't use too much space, so you should download and try them just for fun! The apps I liked the best are:

System Utilities

CD Key Sizer:  This is just a simple app to get the Windows Installation key.  It could be useful to make a re installation   Download it here.
Database Tools

MDB Viewer Plus:  I already wrote about this application.  You can read the post here.
Development Tools

Color Seizer: This is pretty cool. Have you ever needed the number of a color you have to use designing a web page?  You don't have to browse for it.  This program provides the code for color in HTML, Delphi, Visual Basic and C++.  Download it here.
Miscellaneous Utilities

Photo Data Explorer: This program detects the data of a particular photo. With this, you can know who took a photo, when she did it, where, and so on.  Download it here.
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